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Design Build

“Design-Build” services is a key function of D.J. Maltese for customers that want a “Turn Key” approach. This process offers a one person contact, better control of costs and the ability to complete a project in a “fast track” mode.

Design-Build is a one-stop, one contact approach to a project. It works well on projects that need to move fast. Design-Build projects can be cost or quality-driven.

D.J. Maltese Design-Build services include working with our in-house or affiliated architects and designers. This process allows us to get more creative and at the same time value engineer the project as it goes through the design and construction process to minimize cost overruns.

Construction Management

At D.J. Maltese, “Construction Management” is our specialty. Our firm has an extensive track record of successfully managing our projects utilizing this approach. Most of our work is performed within the Construction Management delivery system because this approach fosters a healthy, positive relationship among the team (Owner, Architect and Construction Manager). This relationship provides a “check and balance” system permitting major design decisions to be made on the basis of cost, quality and schedule implications as well as aesthetics and functionality. Construction Management maximizes the opportunity to deliver the highest quality project at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

Construction Management differs from the traditional General Contracting in several important ways. 



Dominic J. Maltese, Jr., ASPE, CPE has assisted attorneys as a Construction Consultant and Expert Witness for the past several years. His vast knowledge and experience in construction has and continues to be an asset for legal cases.

During the past thirty four years Dominic has worked in virtually all aspects of the design and construction of buildings and facilities. He has developed condominiums and apartment projects, commercial buildings, club houses, medical buildings and worked in the design and engineering of new construction, renovation, adaptive reuse, hundreds of remodeling projects, upscale homes and manufacturing facilities and building restoration.

Dominic has completed all levels of project cost estimates and schedules including the overall management of the project. Dominic is experienced accurate conceptual cost estimating. Projects have included Industrial, retailing, restaurants, schools, clinics, hospitals, manufacturing, multi-family, club houses, recreational facilities, luxury residences and all types of office facilities.

Residential projects have included remodeling projects from $10,000 to $6,000,000 and homes from $120,000 to $8,500,000. Projects from a standard materials to virtually all custom made materials.


Our estimating process is based on years of development and our system includes breaking down a project by individual components, room, floor, interior area, exterior, site, furnishings, etc. and then summarizing the total by Construction Specification Institute (CSI) division to the front of the report. Our services also include value engineering and recommendation of means and methods to provide cost effective results. The estimate includes subtotals for trade and material costs, general conditions (direct administrative costs, testing and miscellaneous items), CG overhead (CM fee and indirect administrative cost), contingency that is reduced as the design phase progresses and a total by line item.

Dominic J. Maltese, Jr. is a Certified Professional Estimator and past President of ASPE (American Society of Professional Estimators) – Detroit Chapter, in the practice of providing Architects, Developers and Owners accurate cost estimates at various levels of the design stages of a project.

Our track record for providing accurate estimates is exemplary and our client list is comprised of hundreds of satisfied Michigan firms.

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