The Whitney

The Whitney Restaurant project was an adaptive reuse of a 40,000 SF mansion into a world-class restaurant. The mansion was completely renovated and restored (interior and exterior) within a 6-month period. The exterior work included restoration of slate, copper and stone. The 68-room mansion was adapted to accommodate dining rooms and three commercial kitchens. This restaurant has many unusual features.

Because its original design was intended for residential occupancy, the restaurant has several unique “nooks.” These nooks have been transformed into secular dining rooms to give not only privacy, but a cozy feeling as well. Every room has its own individual personality and charm. The constant theme throughout the restaurant is detailed craftsmanship.

Features of the restoration include decorative interior mosaic tile, ornamental plaster and painting, beautiful woodwork, 47 fireplaces and Tiffany glass.

The biggest challenge of this project was the installation of new mechanical and electrical systems in the existing structure. D.J. Maltese replaced the “knob and tube” electrical wiring, installed a heating and cooling system with a chiller for increased load, and added a complete fire protection system.

D.J. Maltese was pleased to complete a project which has since become one of Detroit’s finest landmarks.