Jain Temple

D.J. Maltese was honored to provide Michigan with it’s first-ever Jain Temple in the Farmington Hills area. Including the one in Farmington Hills, there are only four such temples in the United States. D.J. Maltese completed the project in sixteen months. The lavishly-detailed temple’s exterior is a white brick and mortar with accents of white limestone bands and arches.

There were many unique imported “niche” pieces which were delivered to the site during construction which posed a challenge for the construction team: none of these pieces arrived with drawings nor assembly instructions and all were assembled, installed, and modified by our project team to fit properly within the temple.

Interior details include marble flooring and steps, a U-shaped worship/prayer corridor (called a Bhumti) that surrounds the main prayer room (called a Gabhara), both of which are imported, hand-carved white marble from India. Additionally, there is a unique 30’ diameter, 15’ tall plaster ceiling dome at the entry of the temple. There are two main levels in the building: the first floor housing the main worship hall, Bhumti and Gabhara; and the lower level including a banquet hall with an acoustically-designed, multi-faceted drywalled and textured ceiling, a stage, a fully-working commercial kitchen, and men’s and women’s changing rooms complete with full showers.

The main focal point of the Temple is the front Shikhar — an imported white marble structure hand carved in India. This detail on the roof is a structure that is 20’ X 40’, weighing over 120 tons. As with other interior marble pieces which were imported, nearly every piece had to be cut or altered to fit, making this a tremendous jigsaw puzzle, with some pieces weighing over 2 tons individually.

Having completed work on many commercial kitchens, the Jain Temple is no exception to a “state-of-the-art” full working kitchen. Details include light-colored quarry tile floors and walls, stainless steel equipment, ovens, wash station, and refrigeration.