Mill Street Building

A part of Plymouth, Michigan is called “Old Town” and within this part of the city most of the zoning is mixed use. This allows most type of light industrial, commercial and residential develops to be build side by side. The 886 Mill Street Building, built in 2006, was designed and built for mixed use commercial or light industrial businesses. The building is about 5,000 SF. The building site was narrow and contiguous from Mill Street to the next block street which is Holbrook. The concept for the building was to have up to three tenants in the building. Two tenants facing Mill Street and one tenant facing Holbrook.

The Mill Street side has one tenant space that includes an office area and warehouse, the second tenant space is warehouse only. On the Holbrook Street side there is one tenant space that includes an office area and warehouse.

The building was designed to maximize the use of the land and also to fit in with the architecture of other buildings in the “Old Town” area.